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EditNC - Edits G-Code, Heidenhain®, APT CL

A competent, proven CNC Editor!

NFR Partners released the first Windows version of editNC in 1993. Since then, seven major revisions, several OEM versions, and dozens of minor revisions have been produced. EditNC, a CNC program editor designed to compliment CAD/CAM systems, also provides powerful capabilities for manual G-code programming.

Features - Function

Features - Ease of installation, maintenance, and use

2 January 2014 - EditNC Release 10.2.0 provides new functionality, especially for users programming with Fanuc macros and performance has also been improved in several areas. The new release will be sent to dealers over the next couple of weeks. New items include:

17 March 2014 - EditNC Release 10.2.1 is now available and provides fixes and improvements to prior versions of R10. All R10 users should install.

10 September, 2013 - BairTek, of Camp Hill PA, has announced Re-PostE. Re-PostE is a lighter version of their Re-Post software and is designed to run inside of editNC using the “SendTo” facility. RPE includes tools providing Machine2Machine translation, and utilities to translate, calculate, transform, estimate, document, and more. Priced at $299.00 US. See for more information

With EditNC Release 10 we introduced new licensing, pricing, and support terms. New major releases will no longer be free to all users, but only to those who have purchased a license within the previous 12 months. An upgrade discount of 50% is available to customers who purchased more than 12 months previously. Release 10 also introduces a new policy whereby a single user can install up to three editNC copies on different computers. This means, for example, that a single user can install on his or her desktop computer and a notebook computer. Briefly, the license agreement states that the number of licenses required is determined by the number of individual users or computers, whichever is less. Please see the prices and policies FAQ for examples.

NFR Partners is turning 21. We were incorporated in 27 January, 1992.

11 February 2014 - Just uploaded a video update for editNC release 10.2. It can be found on our video page.

22 September 2014 - See the Videos page for an update covering Release 10.3.

19 September 2014 - EditNC Release 10.3.1 starts shipping next week. This release includes some minor bug fixes and enhancements to Release 10.3.

12 August 2014 - EditNC Release 10.3.0 provides new support for backplotting Fanuc programs using lathe cycles and more. The new release will be sent to dealers over the next couple of weeks. New items include:

New: Release 10.3