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EditNC - Edits G-Code, Heidenhain®, APT CL

A competent, proven CNC Editor!

NFR Partners released the first Windows version of editNC in 1993. Since then, seven major revisions, several OEM versions, and dozens of minor revisions have been produced. EditNC, a CNC program editor designed to compliment CAD/CAM systems, also provides powerful capabilities for manual G-code programming.


 16 April 2018 - Release 11.3 is available. 11.3 includes new features and several bug fixes.

  Among the added features are:"Key Folders" replaces a single "Default Folder" for File Open and Save As

23 February 2018 - We are receiving more and more reports of warnings created by various malware checkers.. We test our code against several virus checkers etc but can’t test them all. Our release 11.2 setup file recently showed zero hits from 64 checkers and the 11.2 editor exe file showed 4 hits out of 66 checkers. Microsoft Windows Defender for Windows R10 has reported possible malware also. We have reported these as false positives to several vendors and without exception have received responses stating that the files were indeed clean. The editor has a "taggant" embedded that identifies us (via a third party vendor service) as the developers. This is supposed to help avoid these issues but many virus/trojan checkers ignore them. If your malware detector reports any of our software as infected, please have the vendor analyze the file (most or all provide easy-to-use procedures for doing this) and let us know also as we can follow up. Thank you.

 We typically reply to e-mails within a couple of hours. If you haven’t received a response within one business day, please write again. Occasionally e-mail addresses are incorrect or our reply gets stuffed into a spam folder.

EditNC is sold through dealers.