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Questions and answers - Prices, policies, and miscellaneous

Q: What does editNC cost?

A: Dealers set their own prices. However, our recommended price is $250 per license (US). Discounts are available for 6 seats and up. Floating license price is $300 plus $250 per concurrently-used seat, with discounts for 6 seats and up.

Q. Do I have to pay full price to upgrade from an earlier release to the current release 11?

A. Upgrades within a release are free, as are upgrades from release 10 within 120 days of install. Upgrades from any version of release 10 are available at a 50% discount. So moving from release 10.x to 11 costs 50% of a new license while moving from release 11.0 to 11.5 is free. Upgrades from release 9 are offered at a 20% discount. There is no upgrade discount when moving from releases earlier than 9.

Q: I have a notebook computer and would like to use editNC on that as well as on my desktop computer. Do I need two licenses?

A: No, not if both computers are used by one person.

Q: Is there a demo version available?

A: The editor provides a 15 day trial period.

Q: Do you use a hardware key? Is the editor locked to an individual computer?

A: We use a software registration that requires entering an activation  code into a registration screen. The editor is locked to a computer.  

Q: What if I need  to change computers? Do I need to buy a new license?

A: No. We provide new activation  codes at no charge when an editor is moved to a new computer.

Q: I have an editNC license that was purchased through a dealer who has since left the business. I now want to move it to a new computer. How do I get a new activation code?

A. Contact us via e-mail and provide the dealer name and editor release. These are shown in Help-About. We’ll provide a new activation code.

Q: What operating systems does it run on?

A: EditNC runs on Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.   It will not run  on systems prior to Vista.

Q: I have a licensed copy of the editor and one day it simply refused to start, producing an error reading "Illegal System DLL Relocation".  Nothing on our system was changed. What causes this?

A: On April 4, 2007 Microsoft issued a security update for Windows XP  "KB925902", that causes editNC to fail. The update affects html-based help routines that are provided by Microsoft and used by the editor and many other programs.

There are two different ways to correct this error. 

1)Remove security update "KB925902".

To remove the update, go to Control Panel> Add Remove Programs. Select the box at the top that says “Show updates”. Search for “KB925902” and remove it.Note: If Windows is set to automatically download and install updates, this one will continue to be installed until Microsoft issues a fix. 


2)Install Microsoft KB935448 update.  This fixes the error without a reboot.

The KB935448 update can be found here:

Q: What language is it written in?

A: C++ using development tools current as of late 2016.

Q: I'd like to license 15 or 20 copies for our operators to use in view mode. Can we get a discount?

A: Yes, we will discount multiple copies from 6 up.

Q: How often are updates released?

A: There is no set schedule. Historically, we produce about two updates per year.

Q: Is it shareware?

A: No, it is not shareware. Only dealers can provide a demo version.

Q: Are non-English versions available?

A: All editor text is contained in an external, editable, file that can be easily translated.  Czech, German, Swedish, and Polish versions are available from dealers in these countries.

 The help file is offered in English only.

Q: Are educational licenses available?

A: Yes. Contact us for more information.

Q: Is editNC a new product?

A: Yes and no. EditNC has been available since 1993 but has been rewritten several times since then. Three different programming languages have been used over the years. The interface had remained much the same over the years but many new functions have been added.

Q: Is editNC written by NFR or is it outsourced?

A: EditNC is completely written by us in-house, in the US.

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